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Ode to a beautiful culture

The Zapotec is a pre-Columbian civilization that thrived in Mesoamerica, going back at least 2,500 years. Remains in the form of buildings, ball courts, beautiful tombs and finely crafted gold jewelry bear witness to this once great civilization.

In a game of Zapotec you build temples, cornfields and villages in the three valleys around the capital. In this way you generate resources that are necessary for the construction of pyramids, offering sacrifices to the gods and performing rituals.

Each round, players simultaneously choose a card from their hand. The card determines the turn order of the actions and indicates which resources the players collect.

After five rounds, players score points for pyramids, for their position on the sacrificial track, and for their ritual cards. The player with the most victory points wins the Zapotec game.

Game Components:
- 1 main board,
- 4 player boards,
- 27 Action cards,
- 10 Ritual cards,
- 4 reference cards,
- 45 Building tiles,
- 36 Trade tiles,
- 9 Scoring tiles,
- 4 Palace tiles,
- 36 wooden houses,
- 20 wooden discs,
- 24 plastic pyramid pieces,
- 80+ resource tokes,
- 27 solo mode cards.

Number of players1-4
Recommended age12+
Playing time60-75 min
PublisherBoard & Dice
Base game or expansionBase game

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