Valeria Card Kingdoms - Darksworn

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Plays like a legacy game

The Darksworn expansion transforms Valeria Card Kingdoms into a cooperative game in story form.

The different books guide the players through the story. New cards and game rules are introduced in each book. Valeria Card Kingdoms plays like a legacy game.

Contents of Valeria Card Kingdoms Darksworn:

- 1 Story & Aquila Board,
- 5 Number & 5 Wall Tiles,
- 5 Achievement Tokens,
- 6 Darksworn Saga Books,
- 1 Dungeon Delve Book,
- 10 Support Cards,
- 9 Monster Cards,
- 12 Blessing Cards,
- 1 Tuck Box & Helper Sheet.

Number of players1-5
Recommended age10+
Type of gameCard game, Co-operative
Playing time30-45 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherDaily Magic Games
Base game or expansionExpansion

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