Origins: First Builders

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Make your mark on humanity

In the game Origins: First Builders, the players are part of a spacefaring race that visits Earth. They give gifts to the people who influence the construction of buildings and monuments. They lead a population of males, climb 3 zodiac temples and participate in an arms race. The aim of this game is to leave the greatest mark on the history of mankind.

The players start the Origins: First Builders game with only two building tiles. As the game progresses, their city gets bigger and stronger. New building tiles in a city provide additional skills. Military activity brings rewards.

At the end of the game, the players only score points for the two temples with the least value. They add up these points. The player with the highest point total wins the game!

Game Contents of Origins First Builders:
• 1 x Main Board,
• 5 x Plastic Motherships,
• 60 x Tower Discs,
• 49 x Plastic Dice,
• 24 x Plastic Population bases,
• 4 x plastic Archon miniature,
• 20 x Player disks,
• 4 x Player Boards,
• 75 x Building tiles,
• 4 x Agora Tiles,
• 4 x Palace Tiles,
• 12 x Zodiac Tiles,
• 5 x Bonus Action Tiles,
• 20 x Superiority tokens,
• 1 x First Player marker,
• 80 x Resource tokens,
• 4 x +100 VP/+200 VP tokens,
• 45 x District Cards,
• 12 x Zodiac Cards,
• 4 x Player Aids,
• 1 x Rulebook.

Number of players1-4
Recommended age14+
Type of gameBoard game
Playing time60-120 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherBoard & Dice
Base game or expansionBase game

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