Keepers of the Questar

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The game Keepers of the Questar is played between two opponents, each maintaining a secret map with plotted locations (traps, monsters, etc.).

Players alternate moving their explorer units on the board, encountering obstacles as they progress. Tokens, dice, and cards are used to resolve conflict situations. The first player to locate and obtain the opponent's Questar wins the game!

Contents of Keepers of the Questar:
- 8 Adventurer Cards,
- 8 Double Sided Maps,
- 2 Quest Master Screens,
- 1 Quest Sheet,
- Pad Tokens: 36 Monsters, 28 Traps, 4 Wellsprings, 4 Entrance Portals, 4 Exit Portals, 4 Chests, 4 Questars, 12 Combat/Ability, 24 Experience (XP), 38 Health Damage, 4 Party Markers,
- 2 Token Bags,
- Rulebook.

Number of players2
Recommended age12+
Playing time45 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherUpperdeck Entertainment
Base game or expansionBase game

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