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Dobble Belgium is a special edition of the reaction game Dobble. Dobble Belgium contains all typical Belgian symbols such as chocolate, fries, mussels, the Grote Markt, Belgian candy, a football and a saxophone.

In the Dobble Belgium game, two cards with symbols are always placed face up so that everyone can see them. The players try to find the same symbol on both cards in the fastest time. There is only one correct answer at a time. It may be that the object is displayed in a different size (to make it nice and difficult).

The first player to find the matching symbol wins the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins the Dobble Belgium game.

The Dobble Belgium game is packed in a tin box. The game consists of 55 cards. You can play 5 mini-games with it.

A target age for Dobble Belgium is 6+. It is a game for 2 to 8 players.

Number of players2-8
Recommended age6+
Type of gameReaction game, Party game
Playing time15 min
LanguageDutch, English, French
Language independentNo necessary in-game text
Base game or expansionBase game

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